Watch this video and more on BoxUnion Digital

Watch this video and more on BoxUnion Digital

Shadowbox Fundamentals - Advanced: 1252363 SLIP 323

Advanced Level • 19m

Up Next in Advanced Level

  • Bag Fundamentals - Advanced: 12563 SL...

    Breakdown: 85% Boxing, 15% Calisthenics
    Optional Equipment: Hand Weights

  • Learn - Advanced: Check Hook

    An advanced movement to add variation to the basic hook. The check hook is used to step off to a new angle in traditional boxing. We use it at BoxUnion to add diversity to our movements in class.

  • Learn - Advanced: Footwork Drill

    This advanced movement drill will help you learn how to move and punch while focusing on proper technique and balance. Pairing this with other footwork and movement drills will allow you to elevate your movement options while in class.