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Recently Dropped Classes

Recently Dropped Classes

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Recently Dropped Classes
  • Morning HIIT

    25-minute full body cardio and bodyweight strength training class, no equipment required, that features a more in depth warm up. To start, Lany guides you through a full 4 min dynamic stretch as well as a cardio warm up. This class is great to take first thing in the morning! Intermediate to adva...

  • Cardio Sculpt - Ankle Weights - 11/18/2020

    30-minute total body strength, toning and cardio class with ankle weights. This class has minimal downtime to keep your heart rate up and your muscles engaged! Expect some more dynamic and higher impact movements mixed in, such as jumping and running.

  • Cardio Box on the Bag - 11/18/2020

    Punch it out with Master Coach Kyle in this 30 minute bag class. Build up and breakdown the combo 1656 343 5656 EXPLODE.

  • Low Impact 20 Minute Cadence Bag Class

    In this advanced style class we take two common combos and find different ways to punch them out to the beat. As the title suggests we do this by changing the cadence of the combos. This class is designed to challenge everything from your speed to your timing.