Watch this video and more on BoxUnion Digital

Watch this video and more on BoxUnion Digital

Shadowbox Fundamentals - New To Boxing: 123256

New to Boxing • 20m

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  • Learn - New To Boxing: Slip Drill

    This drill is a simple head movement combination designed to learn the basic mechanics of slipping. When paired with the music you will be able to learn not only boxing mechanics but how to apply this in a BoxUnion class.

  • Learn - New To Boxing: Moving While P...

    This drill is designed to help you learn the fundamental footwork needed to punch while moving. More importantly it will allow you to learn how to continue your flow in class, find the range of various punches and improve balance and coordination.

  • Learn - New To Boxing: 1 + 2 On The Bag

    How to properly throw the 1 + 2 on the bag. Practicing proper body mechanics will help you maximize your punching and enhance your experience in class.