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  • Encore Shadowbox + Bands with Coach Kyle

    With an extra emphasis on footwork and balance, this low-impact shadowbox class with optional mini bands will have your lower body working just as much as your lower body throughout the entire 45 minutes.

    Connect with Kyle on Instagram: @kyleshneider

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  • Shadowbox + HIIT with Coach Tara

    Start off class with a few rounds of Shadowboxing, building up and breaking down a combination. Move on to a few rounds of total body HIIT. Finish on a high note with a round of Abs/Core. This mash-up class is the ultimate cardio burn!

    Connect with Tara on Instagram: @taramobasseri

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  • Low Impact Box on the Bag with Coach Justin

    Designed for all levels, this high energy, music driven fitness boxing workout combines boxing on or off a bag, low impact and bodyweight strength for a sweat-inducing, mind and body experience that is easy on your joints as well as your downstairs neighbors. Our studio signature class without th...

  • Cardio Kickboxing with Coach Mo

    Cardio kickboxing utilizes all the strikes available to us as fighters. From punches to knees and elbows and kicks we get to throw everything. Cardio kickboxing does not require any equipment. If you are looking to incorporate more of your lower legs into your punching sessions this is your class...