Slow It Down

Slow It Down

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Slow It Down
  • 20min Slow Flow Wind Down

    This flow is curated to calm the quickness of the mind after a long day or in the middle of the day if you're in need of a refresh for the brain.

    Equipment: Mat

    Round 1: Grounding. A series of slower movements to crack open the hips, sides, spine, and hamstrings.
    Round 2: Flow. Modified sun sal...

  • 20min Crack Open Your Upper Body

    This chest opening series will take you through movements primary focused on opening the upper body.

    Equipment: Mat

    Round 1: Grounding. Spine opening in a tabletop series and chest expansion.
    Round 2: Flow. Modified sun salutations with a focus on hip flexor and chest opening.
    Round 3: Flow. Sp...

  • 15min Happy Hamstrings

    This lower body focus flow works into the hips and fronts of the legs.

    Equipment: Mat

    Round 1: Grounding. Supported forward fold.
    Round 2: Flow. Sun salutations.
    Round 3: Standing Series. Chair, forward folds, and twists.
    Round 4: Grounding & Savasana. Hamstring opening on the back and savasana...

  • 20min Stress Relieving Flow

    This 20 min stress relieving flow focuses on gentler movements in the body to destress the mind. This total body flow will create a little bit more zen in your day.

    Equipment: Mat and optional blanket or towel

    Upload date: 10/30/2020

  • 30min Total Body Restorative

    This restorative practice moves through the body from the upper body to the lower body. Each shape will be held for a few minutes to give the body time to relax into each shape and free the body of tension.

    Upload date: 02/10/2021

  • 15min Restorative Hips

    Join Coach Chelsea for a 15 minute flow perfect for those with tight or hurting hips. This restorative practice combines hip opening shapes and longer holds to open up the lower body. Optional equipment: towel

    Upload date: 02/10/2021

  • 20min Restorative Yoga

    This is a 20 practice to refresh and lengthen the side of your waist line.

    Upload date: 02/17/2021

  • 15min Restorative Chest

    This 15 minute restorative practice utilizes holds to bring release to the front of the body, namely your chest and shoulders.

    Upload date: 03/17/2021

  • 15min Restorative Yoga

    15min of restorative twists to get you feeling refreshed and aligned. This flow is slow, focused on decompressing the spine and recovery.

    Upload date: 03/24/2021

  • 30min Restorative Yoga

    30 minutes to restore and refresh. This practice is done entirely on your back.

    Equipment: towel, pillow, or foam roller

    Upload date: 04/07/2021