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TITLE Classes

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TITLE Classes
  • Boxing 45 w/ Lo Santos

    Ready. Set. Lo! Box it out with Lo Santos in this Boxing 45 class. Designed to be a total body workout, work the legs for that added power to your punch as Lo guides you through this intermediate class. Combo for the class is 165 SLIP SLIP 43.

  • Title Boxing Teaser

  • Boxing 45 w/ Justin Blackwell

    Justin Blackwell delivering a more advanced Boxing 45 workout with nonstop movement. Own the real estate and focus on technique first to become extraordinary. Combo 1-2-3-2-1-2-5-6-3.


  • Boxing 30 w/ Tara Mobasseri

    Get that total body sweat in with Tara in this Boxing 30 class! Give your workout a little extra punch and bring up your game as you work through a more advanced combo: 1 SLIP 5-6 ROLL 1-1-6-3. Total body focus. BONUS: Tara explains why cheerleading is a valid sport!


  • Boxing 30 w/ Mo Hebert

    It's ya girl - Coach Mo! Join Mo Hebert for 30 minutes of Boxing. Work your way through the combo of the day and have a blast in this intermediate class. Combo: 1-2 SLIP 6-3-2.

  • Boxing 45 w/ Lany Herman

    Ever seen a Kangaroo spar? Get ready to Kangaroo Jack your fighter's bounce in this boxing class with Coach Lany Herman. Upper body and core focused.


  • Kickboxing 30 w/ Mo Hebert

    Coach Mo from the NO [New Orleans] with another spicy Kickboxing 30, hitting the combo 1-2-LRH-2-3-2. Practice your lead round house throughout this intermediate workout.


  • Kickboxing 45 w/ Rico Davis

    "Get swaggy with it" in this 45 minute total body Kickboxing workout. Rico Davis will guide you through the combo: 1232 ROLL LFK RRH LFK with a core focused active recovery. Sweat it out with the Raw Real Rico!


  • Strength 30 w/ Lany Herman

    Level up today in Lany's Strength 30. In this full body, 3 circuit workout, you will increase muscular strength and endurance while Lany guides you through this tough, but fun workout. No resistance, all flow. Dumbbells required.


  • Strength 45 w/ Beth Gold

    Join Beth Gold for 45 minutes of total body strength! Renegade rows, deadlifts, goblet squats, we got big moments for big results. Dumbbells required.


  • Glutes 10 w/ Lo Santos

    Only 10 minutes of your day, 10 minutes of your time. Accomplish a fun, quick workout with Lo Santos in these 10 minutes of Glute exercises!

  • Glutes 20 w/ Mo Hebert

    Go the extra mile and get that work in with Mo Hebert in this Glutes 20 workout! When there’s the option to do the extra effort, do it and let Coach Mo guide through and take you to new heights.

  • Glutes 20 w/ Lo Santos

    Set a goal and crush it - and remind yourself why you’re doing it. Lo Santos reminds you to keep asking the important questions while taking you through a 20 minute Glutes class!

  • Glutes 10 w/ Mo Hebert

    Hum along to your favorite tune while you get that burn going in these 10 minutes of Glutes exercises with Mo!


  • Glutes 20 w/ Lo Santos

    The old adage is true: it’s the tortoise, not the hare that wins the race. Develop consistency and learn the fundamental techniques to build up Glute strength in these 20 minutes with Lo Santos.