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Top Classes

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Top Classes
  • 15min Abs/Glutes

    Hit your abs and your glutes in this 15 minute toning workout with Master Coach Tara. Whether you want to fit in a workout in a pinch or are pairing this with the rest of your workout, this class is sure to get your abs burning and glutes working.

    Optional Equipment: Dumbbells, Bands, Ankle Wei...

  • 20min Slow Flow Wind Down

    This flow is curated to calm the quickness of the mind after a long day or in the middle of the day if you're in need of a refresh for the brain.

    Equipment: Mat

    Round 1: Grounding. A series of slower movements to crack open the hips, sides, spine, and hamstrings.
    Round 2: Flow. Modified sun sal...

  • 10min Arms w/ Dumbbells

    Take a trip to Gainzville with Coach Rico in this 10 minute arm workout. You will be sure to feel the burn with this one. Take it alone, as a part of your strength training, or paired with a cardio class.

    Equipment: Dumbbells

    Upload date: 08/19/2020

  • 15min Arms w/ Mini Bands

    Get ready to feel the heat with this 15 minute arm burn. Using the mini band, Master Coach Tara leads you through acute movements to target each part of your upper body. Safe to say you'll be feeling this one for a few days.

    Equipment: mini band

    Upload date: 12/09/2020

  • 30min Low Impact Sculpt

    This is a perfect 30-minute total body strength and toning class. This class will work every part of your body with no jumping or high impact movements involved.

    Optional equipment: ankle + hand weights

    Upload date: 10/21/2020

  • 10min Core Flow

    This all around flow hits every part of the body and gets your moving with your breath.

    Equipment: Mat

    Round 1: Grounding. Pilates inspired core series.
    Round 2: Flow. Sun salutation variation.
    Round 3: Flow. Continued sun saluation flow from Round 2 and core burnout round.
    Round 4: Standing S...

  • 20min Stress Relieving Flow

    This 20 min stress relieving flow focuses on gentler movements in the body to destress the mind. This total body flow will create a little bit more zen in your day.

    Equipment: Mat and optional blanket or towel

    Upload date: 10/30/2020

  • 20min Abs/Core

    Join Coach Mo for a 20 minute abs series. This class is great to pair with the rest of your workout or take alone for some intense core work in a pinch.

    Upload date: 11/04/2020

  • 30min HIIT

    A 30 minute sweat that will work every muscle! 20 minutes of HIIT followed by 10 minutes of ab work.

    Upload date: 12/02/2020

  • 30min Low Impact Box on the Bag

    Flow it out with Master Coach Justin in this 30 minute low impact bag class.

    Combo: 123632

    Upload date: 11/11/2020

  • 15min Shadowbox

    Get your heart rate up in this quick-paced 15min Shadowbox class filled with explosions and speed. Join Master Coach Kyle to build up a combo and finish with a HIIT burnout round.

    Combo: 1236 SLIP 2 ROLL
    Optional equipment: hand weights

    Upload date: 09/30/2020

  • 30min Low Impact Shadowbox

    A great class for those just getting started at BoxUnion Digital or for those looking to nail down the fundamentals. Don't worry- you'll still break a killer sweat and punch it all out.

    Combo: 12325 ROLL BACK
    Optional equipment: hand weights

    Upload date: 10/21/2020

  • 30min Kickboxing

    Kickboxing on the bagĀ utilizes all the strikes available to us as fighters on the heavy bag. Here we combine traditional kickboxing technique to the beat of the music like only box union can do! If you are looking for a full body experience all while learning a new combat sport to the beat of the...

  • 30min Cardio Box on the Bag

    Our signature class condensed into 30 minutes. Conditioning, boxing on the bag, and ab work come together for a killer full body, full mind workout. Join Coach Beth to build up a combo, ramp up your heart rate, and test your endurance.

    Combo: 1212534 ROLL ROLL 2.

    Upload date: 11/11/2020