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Top Classes
  • 30min Low Impact Sculpt

    This is a perfect 30-minute total body strength and toning class. This class will work every part of your body with no jumping or high impact movements involved.

    Optional equipment: ankle + hand weights

    Upload date: 10/21/2020

  • 30min Abs/Glutes

    30 minutes of beginner friendly core and glute toning. This class is low impact, focused on reps and execution for a long, slow burn.

    Upload date: 03/31/2021

  • 30min Total Body Strength

    This class is low impact, high effort. Start with a dynamic warmup, go into full body strength rounds with weights, and finish with an ab series. This class means business!

    Equipment: medium to heavy dumbbells

    Upload date: 03/17/2021

  • 30min HIIT + Weights

    This 30 minute HIIT + weights class works your whole body using a combo of dynamic body movements and strength exercises.

    Equipment: medium and heavy dumbbells

    Upload dates: 03/24/2021

  • 15min Shadowbox

    Get your heart rate up in this quick-paced 15min Shadowbox class filled with explosions and speed. Join Master Coach Kyle to build up a combo and finish with a HIIT burnout round.

    Combo: 1236 SLIP 2 ROLL
    Optional equipment: hand weights

    Upload date: 09/30/2020

  • 30min HIIT

    A 30 minute sweat that will work every muscle! 20 minutes of HIIT followed by 10 minutes of ab work.

    Upload date: 12/02/2020

  • 20min Cardio Sculpt

    20-minutes of heart racing, muscle burning, total body sculpt! This class combines cardio with strengthening and toning. Jumping is involved so feel free to modify as necessary.

    Optional equipment: hand + ankle weights

    Upload date: 11/04/2020

  • 30min Cardio Sculpt w/ Ankle Weights & Dumbbells

    Programmed for the advanced, this 30 minute sculpt class is no joke. You'll have your heart rate blasting, booty burning, and arms on fire. Great for when you need a serious cardio and toning session in a pinch.

    Equipment: ankle weights + dumbbells.

    Upload date: 12/23/2020

  • 20min Shadowbox

    Get in a quick 20 min heart rate accelerator with this cardio + shadowbox combo. Start with a cardio round followed by building up a combo and breaking it down with cardio moves mixed throughout.

    Combo: 65 SLIP 32 ROLL 632
    Optional equipment: hand weights

    Upload date: 10/07/2020

  • 30min Box on the Bag

    Our signature class condensed into 30 minutes! HIIT, boxing on the bag, and ab work come together for a killer full body, full mind workout.

    Combo: 1232 SLIP 2 STEP 112

    Upload date: 3/24/2021

  • 15min Upper Body Strength

    15min upper body focused strength. Start with a bodyweight warm up and then pick up your weights to hit chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

    Equipment: light and moderate to heavy weights.

    Upload date: 03/31/2021

  • 30min Low Impact Shadowbox

    A great class for those just getting started at BoxUnion Digital or for those looking to nail down the fundamentals. Don't worry- you'll still break a killer sweat and punch it all out.

    Combo: 12325 ROLL BACK
    Optional equipment: hand weights

    Upload date: 10/21/2020